crow armbrust

the azure chevalier
A rapscallion, trickster and someone to rely on. Crow armbrust was born in Jurai right before he had decided to travel around Erebonia after his home got annexed and turned into the Jurai Special Economic Zone by Chancellor Osborne.

Crow used to go under the alias C and was the leader of the terrorist group Imperial Liberation Front, founded by Duke Croix de Cayenne, whose goal it was to assassinate Chancellor Osborne.

Crow was living a double life as a student of Thors Military Academy and a terrorist leader. While he appears as a playboy and silly goose, he is actually quite intelligent. People would not believe that this fella is actually a criminal, when he's helping out his classmates.
Crow is the Awakener of Ordine, the Azure Knight. Along with Vita Clotilde, he succeeded in the Trial to pilot the Divine Knight three years before Trails of Cold Steel officially started.

In his second year, Crow was about to get suspended for slacking off, and Sara Valestein, homeroom teacher of Class VII decided to give him a second chance and let him enroll Class VII instead. Despite being quite intrigued by the chance, his fellow classmates (especially Rean Schwarzer) relied on him and his abilities.

He reveals his true identity at the end of Trails of Cold Steel I and joins the Noble Faction at the Civil War.

Crow tragically dies at the end of Trails of Cold Steel II, a shock for his fellow classmates. He was also the one who inspired everyone from Class VII to follow their paths, and to walk forward, relentlessly.

In Traild of Cold Steel III, we find out that he actually didn't die, but was an Immortal. Under the Alias Azure Siegfried and without any memories of his past self, he's now an agent working under the Gnomes, an ancient organization that wants nothing more to resurrect the Great One.

Azure Siegfried confronts New Class VII several times, and at the end, the mask he was wearing falls off, and Crow finally remembers.

After Rean got freed from his capture at the Black Workshop, Crow decides to take on the Rivalries, that are needed to summon the Great One, and first refuses to join Rean. During their rivalry, however, Rean refuses to let Crow go, since he had to absorb Ordine and therefore Crow would officially die. He decides to not let Valimar absorb Ordine and Crow joins Rean and Class VII.

After the last rivalry and the fight against the Great One, Crow was officially destined to disappear, but with the power of the Sept-Terrion, he received a functional body and was granted to live normally once again.