rean schwarzer

the ashen chevalier.
Rean Schwarzer is the adoptive son of Teo Schwarzer and Lucia Schwarzer, a family of barons from Ymir. He doesn't have any memory of his true parents or what happened before he got adopted when he was five. Rean knows, however, that something is wrong with him, especially after he rescued his adoptive sister, Elise, from a monster that he killed with an unknown power, that gets later revealed as the Ogre Power.

To actually find a reason to live, he enrolls Thors Military Academy and gets assigned to Class VII, a class founded by Prince Oliver Reise Arnor as an experiment to merge both common and noble folk together.

Rean is very kind and friendly, suffers from identity issues, however, such as low self-esteem. He enjoyed his time with Class VII despite all the struggles he went through, along with them.

Rean turns into someone to rely on, as he helps out in the free days at the Campus, he likes Eastern Culture and is practioner of the Eight Leaves One Blade School and wields a Tachi. He doesn't see himself worthy to his Beginner title however, as he eventually quit training after receiving Beginner Rank.

During a school trip in Ymir, however, he earns Intermediate Rank. Rean grow attached to his fellow classmate Crow, whom he sees as a very good and reliable friend despite Crow's silliness.

Rean becomes the Awakener of Valimar, the Ashen Knight after clearing its Trial at the old Schoolhouse, which usually served as a training facility for Class VII througout the school year.

Rean couldn't take the fact that Crow actually assassinated Osborne and revealed himself as a terrorist and sworn to himself to bring him back since Crow has till pay back the interest.

In Trails of Cold Steel II, he decides to find a third way on how to end the Civil War and travels around Erebonia to help the provinces in need.

Rean was quite shaken at the death of Crow, and decided to heed his final words. Unlike his other classmates, he didn't graduate on his first year, but remained and graduated after his second year. Aside from school, he works as Osborne's pawn after finding out that Rean's actually Osborne's son, whom he abandoned at age five.

In Trails of Cold Steal III, Rean becomes the instructor for New Class VII at Thors Branch Campus. Just like old Class VII, he has to absolve tasks given by the representatives of the cities the Branch Campus is having their field studies.

Their field studies never end up well, however, since Ouroboros and the Gnomes were often interfering and causing problems.

During their final field study in Heimdallr, the Great Twilight started after Rean killed the Nameless One when he witnessed his friend Millium sacrifice herself and become a sword, which triggered Rean to the point he was no longer able to control his Ogre Form. Rean was then held captive by the Black Workshop.

With the help of Class VII and Celine, Emma's familiar, Rean was able to escape the Black Workshop. Now knowing what has been up, Rean decided to prepare himself for the Rivalries and help the provinces of Erebonia.

While he was travelling around, he found out more about the curse that was going around Erebonia. He was now full-on set to end the Erebonian curse and win the Rivalries along with his friends.

Trails of Cold Steel IV has two endings; in the good ending, Rean sacrifices himself with Crow and Millium.
In the true ending, Rean manages to stop Black Alberich with the help of an artifact given to him, known as the Earth Cage. He defeats the Great One fot good and concludes the Great Twilight.