their relationship.

Crow's & Rean's relationship is also seen as a rivalry on many contexts. Such is a prominent topic in the second game, where both fight against each other and for different causes.

In the third game, Rean has a hard time mourning and move on after Crow's death. He even kept the 50 Mira coin that Crow stole from him at their first encounter, and eventually returned it to him at the School Festival. Rean, however, was not satisfied and said that Crow has to pay back interest for that.

After it was revealed that Crow was in fact alive, Rean was more than ready to fight Azure Siegfried and make him remember. In Trails of Cold Steel IV, after their Rivalry, Rean decided to not absorb Ordine, so Crow would live on borrowed time and until all Rivalries had been won.

Both harbor heavy respect for each other, and it was also mentioned that Crow was eventually a romance option in the first game, which was scrapped, however, for unknown reasons.